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Extra is a diminutive and an equivalent to extraordinary adjective (out of the ordinary or extra).
Examples: "the president of the club promised a premium extra players if they win by more than two goals against their opponents", "this month we had to support quite substantial extra costs because of the pump water that fell down", "I'll ask Sylvie put an extra plate on the table: my cousin comes just me phoned. It's coming to dinner with us. »
The extra word can also designate which is higher than normal: "the chefs prepare their recipes with extra virgin olive oil, because it is a better quality product", "I want a large extra Burger with French fries."
In addition, extra refers to what is excellent or exquisite, especially if it comes to food: "this dish is really extra! What is the secret ingredient? ».
Accessories (or parts) of some machines and some devices which are not included in the standard model (and therefore additional) are known as extras: 'I bought a television that comes with an extra cable to connect it to the stereo', 'The Beatles collection includes an extra disc with the best songs solo John Lennon and Paul McCartney.
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