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Extravagant, from the latin extravăgans, this is what is said or done in relation to what is out of the ordinary. It is therefore what is unusual or bizarre. Examples: "it is an extravagant artist who always surprises during its performances", "I like to dress me wildly", "president find that George would be a good candidate, but there is concern because of its extravagant attitudes".
Anyone who speaks, acts or dresses in an unusual way or rare is often described as extravagant: 'Lady Gaga is a pretty extravagant artist who always manages to attract attention', 'it me all equal if it is extravagant. All I want is that it takes its obligations. "
As an adjective, extravagant may apply to both persons, objects that situations. The meaning of the term, in any case, is bound to anything out of the ordinary and, therefore, is different from the rest.
The extravagance is linked to the eccentricity, which is unusual behavior. This kind of attitudes or behaviours are often considered unnecessary given that, due to out of the ordinary, they do not adapt to social norms in force. A person who wears red pants, a yellow shirt and a green cap will be considered extravagant or eccentric as the social consensus indicates that she should wear other colours or combinations.
We can say, in short, that which is extravagant fails to society because of its peculiarity. The differences may be subject to discrimination or ridicule (or joke), but also recognition and valorization.
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