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A fan is a fan or a follower of something or someone. The term comes from English fanatic, which is equivalent to fanatic in our language. The fan is someone who defends with passion and conviction its preferences.
Examples: ' my daughter is a fan of Justin Bieber, it all his records ","I am a big fan of PSG since my birth. I inherited it from my father and my grandfather","a fan of the local team entered the bar and hit the followers who were in train to celebrate the victory of the opponents".
The fan feels an excessive enthusiasm for that which he idolizes. Unlike a simple admirer, the fan does not recognize the limits to get closer to his idol and he is able to implement actions that are beyond logic and reason (as sell personal items to get money in order to buy tickets for a concert, to kilometres and kilometres to attend a football match or wait overnight before the door of a Hotel nothing to see a singer).
As a general rule, the fan organizes various activities on his idol. Since the creation of a magazine intended to disseminate information on the person admired until a fan club organization, everything is valid to show his fanaticism.
The stars of music, football teams and actors in Hollywood are some celebrities and institutions that often have fans. In many cases, there is often a sort of rivalry between fans of different artists or clubs.

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