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Relief is a concept that is used to refer to the assistance or protection to someone. This is assistance provided or requested in a situation of risk. First, on the other hand, refers to above (which comes before) the others of its kind in the time, place, situation, or a hierarchy.
First aid are therefore the procedures and techniques of immediate nature which are granted to persons who have been victims of an accident or sudden attack of illness. Such assistance above other more complex and comprehensive, which are usually performed in locations (such as a hospital or clinic).
This type of assistance, therefore, usually takes place at the place where the accident or where the victim suffers from sudden symptoms. Taking into account the characteristics of the situation, first aid can save a person's life.
For example, a pedestrian is hit by a car, suffering a cut to the head. A casual witness (a passing) is approaching the person, lengthens it and gives first aid in him putting bandages on his head to stop the bleeding and immobilizing his neck. Following this assistance, an ambulance arrived on the scene and transported the injured person to the hospital.
There are protocols for first aid and courses that allow to train people on this subject. Ideally, you should have some knowledge of basic nursing care.
(Also said of first aid) first-aid kit should contain alcohol, cotton, adhesive tape, gauze, bandages and neutral SOAP, among other components.
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