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Forecast is a term that comes from the latin praevisĭo and which refers to the action and the effect for (guess what will happen by interpreting clues or signals; see in advance and prepare ways to future contingencies, predict).
Examples: "press forecasts were correct: the couple lasted barely three months», «j'aimerais tellement your forecast is realized, but I think it's going to be complicated", "this year, we will win $ 100,000, if the prediction of the counter is correct.
The concept of forecast is similar to the idea of prognosis (know the future by clues). The forecasts are therefore used in meteorology to indicate what time it will be in the coming days following the conclusions of the analysis of the atmospheric conditions.
This means that experts, by studying the images by satellite, winds, temperature and other data, can provide if it rains, it will be nice or he snow in a given territory. 'Weather forecasts provide days of Sun in Nice', 'if forecasts the weather for tomorrow are good, I will go to the beach to enjoy the Sun.
A forecast can also be a hunch or conjecture on a certain event. In the days before the Oscar ceremony, journalists make their predictions on who will be the winners ("the prediction of John Volskty indicated that the work of the french filmmaker wins the prize for best film').
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