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Form is an adjective which is used to denote something belonging or pertaining to forms, or what is done through a formula. A formula, meanwhile, is a way to run something complicated or resolve an issue any.
As a noun (name), a form is a printed sheet containing white fields or a book in which there are formulas to be met to implement something. Examples: "to participate in the contest, you must complete this form and attach a picture", 'the approach is complete when you have completed and returned the form N569', 'I need a form to be able to travel in Europe, please.
A form is a template to be completed with some data and which makes any kind of procedure. To complement or complete data vary according to the form.
A job application form may require inform the name, first name, age, level of education, professional experience and references. On the other hand, in the case of the forms to open a bank account, can ask us for information such as our profession and our salary.
Usual, forms include open spaces to be completed with personal and/or professional data. Sometimes you write information (such as name), while in other cases, simply check the boxes (options) corresponding or delete those that are not (in questions like: have you ever participated in charity activities?) YES / NO).
On the Internet, a form is a web page that allows visitors to enter (enter) data that are then sent to a server for processing.
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