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Basis, from latin fundamentum, it is the principle on which rests or develops something. It is somehow symbolic support of something.
Examples: "respect for the partner and the opponent is the Foundation of the success of this team", "I won't support a candidate who has no basis", "this theory is based on what basis? ''
The concept is used to designate the reason or the reason through which we ensure the setting or the establishment of something. A basis, in this sense, acts as an argument: "the employer relied on high production costs in the city as the basis to move the factory to another region", "I see no basis justifying a decision of this kind.
The Foundation can also be the formality or the seriousness of an individual: "is a good boy, but he has no basis," "unfounded, you can never succeed in the professional world.
Even when the foundations are used to defend an idea or a position, one speaks of basis. The Foundation is therefore insurance of an argument or reasoning. What is supported on the basis of a Foundation is something founded: "I will not respond to unfounded accusations", "This is a complaint based on ample evidence," "must be on use based opinions to decide who is the best actor today.
Means the current religious fundamentalism that promotes the literal interpretation of a fundamental text as the supreme law. Fundamentalists interact with the world on the basis of their interpretation of these texts such as the Bible, the Koran or the Torah.
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