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Latin genealogia, genealogy is the set of ancestors and the spawning of a person or an animal breed. The concept is used to also name the document containing this set or part of it, which contained the ancestry of an animal, as well as the discipline/science that studies the genealogy records.
Examples: «the genealogy of the singer includes German, Swiss and Slovenian ancestry», «for me, regardless of the genealogy of the people, the only thing that interests me it is the character of the individual», "they are asking too much money for this horse. We will have to carefully consider its pedigree. »
Document in which are presented the studies of genealogy is known under the designation of family tree. The representation of this tree is in analogy with the trunk with its branches and the person that has several lines of ancestry and descent.
Genealogy can be discovered by the evidence (what is narrated) arising from the family. These stories are transmitted from generation to generation and may be inaccurate with respect to the dates of birth and places of origin, but they are often the starting point for more in-depth and detailed studies.
Concerning documentary sources of genealogy, it is worth mentioning also the manuscripts. Contrary to the memory of the family, the information in these documents are accurate. Identity documents, the documents of the Church and the State archives help to know the genealogy of persons.
In the colloquial language, genealogy is the origin or the foregoing something: "the genealogy of this album goes back to the first encounter between the singer and guitarist in the mountains of the Andes".
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