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A good purchase (or order) is a document that the buyer gives the seller so that it delivers the goods. The order contains in detail the amount of articles, the type of product, price, terms of payment and other important information for the commercial operation.
Examples: "Jeanne, would like purchase of Mr. Râteau and prepares the command because it will come look for it in an hour", "We just receive a voucher with a value of $ 5000", "I don't understand what happened. The company, they tell me that they have never received the voucher.
As a general rule, order form mentions the place and the date of issuance, name and address of the purchaser and vendor, tax data, details of the ordered products and payment and delivery conditions. It is important to note that this document is not valid as an invoice.
The purchase order has at least a duplicate as the original is handed to the seller while the buyer gets double. Thus, both have a follow-up of the transaction that will be implemented: the buyer, to show what are the requested goods, the seller, to prepare the command and start the billing process.
We can say, in summary, that the purchase is a written request of certain products at an agreed price and under certain conditions of payment and delivery. It is the authority granted by the buyer so we shall issue an invoice for the purchase of the products/items in question.
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