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The treatment concept refers to the action and the effect of treating. This verb accepts several meanings, such as the manner in which it proceeded with others (through actions or words) or relationship that one interview with others.
The treatment can be understood as the way people communicate with each other or linkages with other. Examples: "it's a nice boy, who is very nice in daily therapy", "I do not support that parents give such treatment to their children", "I feel good with the treatment I receive to the company, but I do not think me develop professionally.
The concept of good treatment is related to the type of treatment that is considered ethical or proper from the moral point of view. If there is good treatment (approved and applauded), it y to another that is reprehensible: abuse (also called abuse or ill-treatment).
The right treatment within the family is reached when the person takes the time and space to communicate with her children or her husband (or wife) with joy and in available to discover the needs of the other.
At work or socially, the right treatment concerns respect, cordiality and solidarity. The use of expressions such as 'please' or 'thank you' is part of good treatment.
However, the right treatment is not expressed only in words, but also by physical contact (a kiss, a handshake and an embrace) or attitudes (pay attention when someone speaks, give priority to a pregnant woman, picking up a paper that an elderly man gave up and give back it).
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