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Harmony comes from the latin harmonĭa, although its first origins refer to a Greek word meaning "combination" or "adjustment". The term may be used to refer to the combination of simultaneous sounds which, although different, form agreements.
The concept is also used in reference to the variety of sounds, steps and pauses mixed properly. Examples: "what I like about this band, is the harmony of his compositions", "I do the course of harmony at the conservatoire", "this style of music is really characterized for its harmony.
The concept allows other meanings outside the field of music, namely, the balance of the proportions between the different parts of a whole. What is harmonious is still considered beautiful or nice.
The proportion and the correspondence of one thing with another is harmony: "If you painted the walls with these colors, harmony of style will be lost", "I need to change chairs to create harmony in the room."
Harmony is also friendship and cordiality links. When two people are in harmony, it is that there are no problems between them. On the contrary, they have a peaceful relationship and agree quite well: "we talked about our differences and we are again in harmony", "to preserve harmony in a couple, it is important to maintain compliance.
In common parlance, the term is used as a synonym for inner peace and calm: "I'm in harmony with yoga", "when I get home and I sit down on the Chair with a glass of red wine, I feel retrieve any harmony.
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