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Centre, a term that comes from the latin centrum is a polysemic concept. It can be from the Interior point equidistant of the boundaries of a surface, of the place where converge coordinated actions, areas with strong commercial activity or the place where people meet for a particular purpose.
Health, on the other hand, is the State of complete physical, mental and social well-being. The concept goes beyond the absence of disease and refers to the level of functional and metabolic organization effectiveness.
A health centre (also called medical practice) is a building intended for the care of health of the population. The type of medical care and the qualifications of the staff may vary depending on the centre and the region.
As a general rule, health centre relies on the work of practitioners, pediatricians, nurses and administrative staff. It is also possible that other professionals operate, including social workers and psychologists, to increase the number of services.
The health centre is usually a place for primary care. If the patient needs more complex, specific or in-depth care, it is returned to another location, such as a hospital.
This means that in some countries, health centres are known under the designation of primary health care centres. Professionals in these centres, therefore, focus on basic health care. This kind of facilities is very common in remote areas or in low-resource insofar as they constitute a health and social containment immediately.
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