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The short and detailed stories examining a scientific or artistic work are the notes (or briefing notes). These notes summarize and describe the main characteristics of something, which allows the reader to expand his knowledge on this subject.
Historic, on the other hand, refers to what is bound or which belongs to history. This concept can be used to refer to social science devoted to the study of the past of mankind or the own past (events that actually occurred).
In short, a historical note is a short text that aims to examine the historical facts of a particular topic. This type of note gives an overview of the object exposed in a descriptive and informative format.
A historical note on a football club, for example, should include data on its Foundation (dates, responsible), debut, activities, major achievements and key figures: "Boca Juniors is an Argentine club founded April 3, 1905 by Italian immigrants. In 1912, the club began to participate in the competition of the first Division and is currently one of the only three teams having been part of all Argentine professional tournaments. Among the key players who have worn the Jersey we will retain Francisco Varallo, Roberto Cherro, Ángel Clemente Rojas, Antonio Rattín, Hugo Gatti and Diego Armando Maradona".
Histories can also focus on other organizations (such as companies or associations), in countries, products, etc.: 'The Coca-Cola Company marked its debut in 1892 in the U.S. city of Atlanta. Its brand best known is Coca-Cola, a drink which was set to the sale before the creation of the company and which is at the head of sales around the world".
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