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Home comes from the latin domicilium which, in turn, comes from the term domus ("House"). The concept is used to designate the permanent residence and fixed a person. Examples: "I'll call a taxi to get to my home quickly", "To hire the services of our company, you must have a home in this city", "the police said that question home was burgled.
The home is an attribute that can be applied to any person, physical and moral. It is the residence where that person lives.
Legally, the home represents the territorial jurisdiction where the person to be able to exercise their rights and fulfil its obligations. An individual must vote in the city where he established his home, while a company can go to justice before the courts where it has established his general headquarters.
The legal domicile (the one having been declared the State) may not correspond to the real home. This may be the case, for example, a person who moved from Strasbourg to Lyon, but has not yet made the change of its address. So on his papers, the place of residence which figure is Strasbourg. Even if his real home is no longer the same, that person retains its rights and obligations in Strasbourg.
Concerning dependence and scope, it is possible to distinguish between the legal domicile, political (or electoral) residence and domicile tax.
Finally, the expression "in-home" means "at home" or "home / home.
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