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Humiliation, from the latin humiliatĭo, is the action and the effect of humiliating or to humiliate himself / feel humiliated (hurting love in itself or dignity, hitting the pride). Humiliated anyone feels shame.
Examples: "I will not accept another humiliation from my boss", 'I've never felt such humiliation when I dropped my pants in public', "humiliation took place with the sixth aim of the visiting team."
Given that dignity is something difficult to define, the humiliation is a concept without precise meaning. Certain questions or situations which are humiliating for some people may not be for others.
If counsel discusses with his head, and it directs cleaning the floor of the office, it may feel humiliated because, saw his professional title, it deserves to other responsibilities and tasks. However, many people work in the sector of household without so far feel humiliated because it is honest work that allows them to feed.
The Act of publicly denigrate the beliefs of an individual is also regarded as a humiliation. If a Hindu is presented in a TV show and presenter teases him due to her dress and behaviour, this is a humiliation.
Humiliation can be considered a kind of torture since it is aimed at undermining the dignity of the human being. Indeed, when a regime applies physical torture, they are often accompanied by humiliation to destroy people morally.
In particular, humiliation appears in certain paraphilias linking this issue to sexual enjoyment, either by encouraging the humiliation is in receiving.
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