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The adjective "inclined" is a term used to describe this or that is inclined, subject, likely or that tends to something.
Examples: "children who do not feed properly are prone to falling asleep in class', 'this member is prone to making controversial statements',"It seems that women are more likely than men to get angry to cause problems of coexistence".
Therefore, inclined is related to some guidance or a predisposition. When we say that man is prone to accidents, this means that men suffer accidents at a higher frequency than the average for most people.
In the same sense, a tennis player who is prone to come to the net to define points of repeat this action several times during the game, then a player with another type of game play while remaining on the back of the tennis court.
A socio-political movement which is prone to violence is one whose public events often include acts of violence. A group whose contracts end often violent clashes with the police and wounded is therefore a group prone to violence.
The notion of inclined may be associated with, on the other hand, support or taking advantage. A town is prone to the independence of a certain community if, because of its history or its leaders, it tends to support the independence movement.
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