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Incorporation is the action and the effect of incorporating (a matter to another or even one ingredient, for example) or to incorporate. This verb, meanwhile, refers to join or add something to another in order to make a whole; the tilting a body who was fallen/lying; the fact to assemble with others to form a body (a brand).
The first sense is related to the fact to bring an item (or part) as a whole. Examples: "after cooking, turn the inclusion of half a glass of red wine before cool',"With the incorporation of powder in the preparation, the mixture will be ready to use","incorporation of additional screws allows us to attach the shelves with more precision".
For psychoanalysis, it is a mode of fantasy relationship to consisting of to penetrate inside the body and keep it to appropriate qualifications.
The concept is also used to refer to a person who has entered a team or group. This means that, compared to other members, it is the most recent: "the incorporation of Real Madrid scored three goals in the first two games," 'Following incorporation of the new Director of sales, the company renewed all its executives', 'the incorporation of two paediatricians will help us deliver a better health service in the northern region.
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