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An indicator is something that is used to indicate. This verb, meanwhile, means suggest or show something by signs or indications.
Examples: "the success of a character on television of this class is an indicator of the cultural decadence of the country", "the Government is satisfied with the economic indicator that has published the International Monetary Fund", "the arrival of thousands of tourists in the city during the weekend is an indicator that anticipates a great summer season.
An indicator can be a physical instrument that says something. In this sense, an arrow in a graphics system, a warning sign on the end of a road or the needle of a clock are indicators.
The indicators or indices are also used in economics, demography and sociology. This concept relates to the representation of reality in a quantitative manner. The Big Mac index is an indicator that allows to compare the purchasing power of the population where the Big Mac from McDonald Burger is sold. What is done, is to convert the price of the Big Mac in dollars or euros and to compare in different countries about whether the purchasing power of consumers is high or low.
In the field of chemistry, means flag the substance which, when added to a sample, it produces a chemical change that is noticeable to the naked eye. A chemical indicator is a pH indicator.
In common parlance, finally, indicators are signs that reflect a reality: "the fact that the team has been eliminated from the tournament as quickly is an indicator of how things go wrong".
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