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Intellectual derives its name from the word latin intellectuālis and lets discuss what belongs or what is relative to understanding.
Examples: "this problem is intellectual, it does not solve by force", "I have no desire to make an intellectual effort whenever I go to the cinema", "students are major intellectual shortcomings if they are not used to read since they were children.
The intellectual adjective, therefore, often used in opposition to body or physical, appearing so associated with the spiritual or symbolic. If it is said that something must be solved intellectually, it means that the solution will be found only by thought and reflection. Therefore, no matter the physical force that is applied.
Means intellectual, on the other hand, any individual who is dedicated to the arts and sciences. These people spend their time studying the reality and reflect on social problems.
The intellectuals forming a social group that tries to educate the public, to propose debates and to explain certain phenomena. In this sense, it is said that intellectuals have a moral duty to promote critical thinking.
For Marxism, an organic intellectual is one who, despite his membership in a class above, undertakes in the condition of the lower classes and is working for the release of dispossessed.
Finally, IQ (intellectual coefficient) is the number obtained a standardized test that measures cognitive abilities of a person in relation to his age group.
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