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Interdisciplinary is an adjective that relates to which involves several disciplines. The term is generally applied to activities, research and studies where the experts are cooperating in various themes.
Examples: "the association presented the conclusions of his interdisciplinary work on the abandonment of the children", "an interdisciplinary study funded by the oil company says that the country will lose three meters by year", "we need to form an interdisciplinary team to participate in the fair in Amsterdam.
Interdisciplinarity involves the transfer of the usual limits of a school of thought or discipline. This quality usually appears with the emergence of new needs which require to do a different job that was done so far.
Globalised terrorism represents an example of a topic that requires interdisciplinary work. It is a phenomenon that appeared in recent decades and which requires an interdisciplinary response because it transcends the security experts and should include the contributions of sociologists, psychologists, theologians and economists to understand the issue in depth.
An interdisciplinary field is mathematics medical (mathematics applied to medicine), a scientific discipline that uses mathematics to explain phenomena and processes related to medicine and biology. These studies require the participation of specialists in statistics, calculus, logic and different medical fields.
Interdisciplinarity, in short, is a methodological framework which characterizes a scientific practice and which involves the integration of methods, theories and instruments from different disciplines.
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