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Interface is a term that comes from the word English interface ("contact surface"). In computer science, this concept is used to describe the functional and physical connection between two systems or devices.
The interface, therefore, is a connection between two machines of all kinds, which gives them a medium of communication between the different levels. It is possible to define the interface as a space (the place where take place the interaction and Exchange), an instrument (as an extension of the human body, such as the mouse that allows to interact with a computer) or surface (the object that provides information through its texture, its shape or colour).
Means user interface which allows a person to communicate with a machine. The interface, in this case, consists of the points of contact between the user and the computer. Apart from the example of the mouse, the monitor screen and the keyboard are also interfaces of the same kind.
In the interaction with the computer, can distinguish between l ' hardware (mouse, the screen, the keyboard) interface, the software (Windows, Linux) interface and the hardware-software interface (the set that allows humans to understand the code binary and the unit / machine read the human).
In the field of electronics and telecommunications, interface is a physical circuit that sends or receives signals from one system to the other. The Universal Serial Bus (USB says) is an interface that allows, thanks to its port, to connect any device to a computer.
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