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Interpretation, from the latin interpretatĭo, is the action and the effect of interpreting. This verb refers to the idea to declare or explain the meaning of something, translate from one language to the other, express or conceive the reality of a personal mode or play (represent) an artistic work.
The interpretation, therefore, perhaps the process which is to understand a particular fact and its subsequent declamation. Examples: "according to my interpretation of the film, the daughter of the actor had not been stolen, but she lied to get the protection of his father',"I think that journalists are a misinterpretation of the proposal of our team', 'I'm sorry, but your interpretation of the problem is not correct."
When you translate something from one language to another, it is necessary to speak of the interpretation and the translator facilitates understanding: "I need to hire someone to help me with the interpretation of what say Chinese investors", «Thanks to the interpretation of Mary, we discuss with Italian parents with no problems», «the artist is gone very angry because he felt that the interpretation of the translator was not correct.»
Performance of an actor, a musician, or any other artist also known as interpretation (on scene): "viewers were fascinated by the interpretation that the veteran actor is the King of England", "the interpretation of several songs from his previous band very applauded by those present", "Charly García has accompanied by Joaquín Sabina in the interpretation of two songs during the last concert of the Spanish singer."
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