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Intimate, from latin intĭmus, said of what is related to privacy. This is concept refers to the abstract zone an individual treats a limited group of people, as his family and his friends. Although the intimacy has no specific boundaries, we can say that it includes all acts and feelings that it wants to keep out of reach of the public.
Examples: "I will not talk about something as intimate a journalist", "a health problem is an intimate topic that must not be disclosed unless the person wants to do", "intimate acts belong only to those who practice them.
A friend is someone who is nearby and with whom it has maintained a close relationship based on trust. It is for this reason that we share some things with a close friend that it would not have made with other people: "John is a close friend, I can tell him absolutely everything and I know it will keep secret", "in fact, since I am angry with Marc, I did no intimate friend on whom I can rely.
A diary is a kind of autobiography that someone wrote without intention to share it, but rather as a means to save his feelings and thoughts in chronological order: "my daughter is angry with me because I read a part of his diary", "when I was young, I had a diary where I wrote about my problems at the school.
Intimate is also an adjective that is used in reference to various objects used in sexuality. Examples are the intimate lubricant and the intimate Massager.
Finally, intimate hygiene is that concerning the (genital) private parts, where the designation of care for hygiene intimate.
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