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Intimation is a term that comes from the latin intimatĭo, indicating the action and effect of order. This verb, in turn, means require or require the completion of something, using the authority or force to oblige to.
Examples: 'I come to receive a notice to pay the taxes that I have', «the electricity company informed that it would send a notice to all those who cannot return home inspectors», «I will not leave this place without a legal notice.
It is possible to understand the concept of notice as a kind of prior notice to a punishment or an action. An army, for example, can order the opponent so that he goes before launching another attack. This means that if the appeal notice (or even the injunction, most common expression) is respected, no attack will occur. Otherwise, the bombing will take place.
A notice of payment is a notification sent by a company or by a Government entity to require the payment of the services, products or fees. This type of injunction is generally a delay of payment. If the recipient does not rule, action will be taken (as the beginning of an action, a power failure, etc.): "Intimation of payment: we inform you this way if you are unable to resolve your debt before 15 September and in accordance with the provisions of Act 24 539, our business will proceed to the discontinuance of service.
In addition, a notice can be the action to enter in the State of mind (the mood) or the affection of someone. In directing, it enters the private sphere of the individual and the links are becoming closer: "the appeal notice between Jorge and my sister ended up bring problems.
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