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Bullying is the action and the effect of intimidating. This verb, in turn, refers to the fact of cause or arouse fear. Bullying is an act by which he who exercises it seeks to generate fear on someone else to make one that intimidates want. Examples: "the candidate said that he would not tolerate any intimidation of the opposition", "bullying took effect and the merchant has decided to close his shop", "teachers must be vigilant to prevent any act of intimidation among students."
Bullying is common in animals, when one of them tries to scare one another in the fight for food or, if it is a male, to the Court with a female. There are several techniques of bullying depending on the species, including show its teeth or ROAR: 'When the doberman has growled against the poodle, the intimidation has worked and the little white dog has fled', 'the primate threw himself on the Hunter as a means of intimidation, to keep it away.
In humans, the mechanisms of intimidation are governed by social interaction. Companies are governed by the laws, why bullying can register under the illegal actions. This means that a trader can not visit the shop of a competitor to intimidate him, claiming, for example, that if it does not close his shop, will launch it the fire.
Bullying occurs quite often in schools through moral harassment or the bullying. Some children use their physical strength or their popularity to do fear, scare them and making their lives a hell (physical and/or psychological violence). Bullying can occur by a simple look, the lyrics or even psychological manipulation.
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