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From the latin satisfactĭo, satisfaction is the action and the effect to satisfy or be satisfied. The concept is linked to satiate the appetite, compensate a requirement, calming the passions of the mind, pay what we owe, or reward merit.
Work, in this context, refers to the magnitude of the effort made by humans. The work is one of the three factors of production, as well as the capital and the land.
These definitions enable us to understand the idea of satisfaction at work, which is the level of compliance of the individual in his place of work. The job satisfaction includes remuneration, the type of work, human relations, safety, etc.
The job satisfaction affects the attitude of the worker meet its obligations. We can say that satisfaction arises from the correspondence between the actual work and expectations of workers.
These expectations, on the other hand, are based on the comparison with other employees or previous jobs. If the person in question finds or believes she is disadvantaged compared with its peers, it will have a low job satisfaction, as well as if she finds that her previous job offered better conditions.
More satisfaction at work is important, more workers engage in their tasks and are motivated. However, if the job satisfaction is low, the worker will have no motivations and will be difficult to carry out the activities that belong to him.
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