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The lacquer is a substance that forms in the branches of some trees by exudation caused by insect bites dying wrapped in the fluid flowing. This substance, which is translucent and resinous, is used to develop a hard and shiny varnish.
The insect that produces lacquer (Laccifer lacca) lives in the trees in East Asia. Lacquer comes from this region, and in particular of the India. When the substance is collected, crushed and cooked with other resins and minerals, there are shellac which is used in inks, dyes or paints, coatings, adhesives and other products.
The concept, by extension, is used to refer to various things related to the lacquer. It can be colored and aluminous substance that is added to paint, the colorless substance that is used to attach the headgear or the object that is glazed with lacquer.
Painted or coated with lacquer objects are said to be lacquered. A lacquered piece of furniture is known for its brilliance and strength. It is possible to Polish and put wax on lacquer, which also offers enough rapid drying.
The hair spray, meanwhile, to keep the hair for a long time and make shine. Due to the content high alcohol of many of these products, daily use is not recommended and it is suggested to spray the Hairspray at least 20 centimeters from the head.
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