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A lamp is a device that acts as a support to one or several lights artificial (s). It can be also well suspended that holding on a base or on a stand.
Examples: "yesterday, I bought a new table for the room lamp', 'the light bulb is burned out', 'I woke up half asleep and stumbled on the nightstand and I ended up overthrowing the lamp down.
Lamps, therefore, are tools that allow devices that generate light (called blisters, spots or even lamps) be connected to electricity. But, anyway, they fulfil other functions because they distribute the light emitted by the bulb (to avoid glare) and serve as decoration.
It is possible to distinguish between a variety of lamps. Streetlights are those based on the ground while the ceiling lamps are suspended. Table lamps, meanwhile, are located on different types of tables.
A lamp consists of a foot (or a base support), an arm (which is flexible on some models) and a screen or a glass (to reduce light and diffuse the light).
This structure, of course, can vary depending on the type of lamp.
There are other uses of the concept of light that have nothing to do with the lighting such as the genie lamp (the legend), for example, or as a synonym for tube in the electronics field.
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