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The leather is thick skin that covers the Chair of animals. The term, of which the origin is Latin (corĭum), allows also to designate this skin after tanning and after being treated for various uses.
Examples: "the handbag leather that I just bought do you like?', 'Karine a a beautiful leather chair in his living room',"these shoes are made of synthetic leather and are very resistant."
Leather is a layer of tissue that covers the animal. Due to its flexibility and resilience, it is possible to manipulate and work it in different ways, making it useful for various industrial material.
Typically, by separating the layer of skin from the body of the animal, the hair or wool are eliminated, and this layer of skin is subject to the operation of tanning. It consists in transforming the skin sensitive to rot in leather so it does not decompose and, therefore, it can be used to manufacture shoes, handbags, jackets, pants, furniture and many other products.
In Linguistics, leather is called false links between the end of a Word and the initial vowel of the next word. It is a fault of pronunciation.
In addition, the scalp is the part of the skin that covers the skull and that is covered with hair: 'to massage the scalp during washing helps him better oxygen.
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