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The writing or drawing instrument which has a graphite bar enclosed in a cylinder is called pencil. A person who takes the pencil hand can move its tip of graphite on paper and mark needed to write or draw paths.
Optics, in turn, is a branch of physics devoted to analyse behaviours, characteristics and manifestations of light, focusing on its laws and phenomena. What is bound or belongs to vision is also part of what is meant by optics.
These concepts allow us to discuss the concept of optical pen, a photosensitive device that allows to interact with a monitor or TV. It's a device/device entry created in 1952 by MIT that, when connected to a computer (PC), can replace some functions of the mouse since it allows to select commands in a computer program (also software says), enter data, etc.
The lightpen features sensors of light which allows them to capture the light emitted by a screen. Thus, when the optical pen comes in contact with certain parts of the screen, it sends a signal to the computer, which can detect its position and interpret/decrypt information.
Optical pens require a certain level of the brightness of the screen, because, otherwise, the sensors are not able to capture the light. In this case, the optical pen (also called stylus) is not enabled and does not interact with the device.
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