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From latin limitatĭo, the limitation is the action and the effect to limit or to restrict. The verb 'limiting' means place/impose limits to something, while the notion of limit is linked to a line that separates two territories, at the end of a period of time, to the extreme to get the psychic and the physical or a restriction.
Limitation, therefore, be used as a synonym for limit in certain contexts. Examples: "the budget we have is a limitation to strengthen the team, but we do our best to add high range players", "If you buy this package, you can use the service without limitation", "La Justice imposed limitations in the use of public space to avoid conflicts between the neighbours.
A limitation may be any type of restriction. The speed limit indicates the maximum speed limit on some roads. If on a highway speed limit of 90 km per hour, drivers are not allowed to exceed this speed. Therefore, if they are, they may be sentenced to pay a fine or be punished.
The limitation of the traffic, on the other hand, is related to the prohibition of movement of vehicles at certain times of the day or in some places. These limitations are common for the protection of certain natural environments, to reduce pollution levels. An example of restricting traffic takes place in national parks where entry is allowed only to a hundred cars a day.
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