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The analysis is the examination of a likely reality of intellectual study which, through the distinction and separation of its parts, allows to know its components and its principles.
The 'literary' adjective, in turn, said of what belongs or relating to literature. This term, which comes from latin litterae, is linked to the body of knowledge to write and read well. Literature is an art whose way of expression is language.
Literary analysis is therefore to assess to unravel (look closely) and recognize the different aspects forming a work. It is to consider the argument, the subject, the exhibition, style and other issues.
After the literary analysis, one may learn what resources the author has used, for what purpose, etc. Thus, the structure of the work will be recognizable and will become easier to understand.
The first step in any literary analysis is the reading of the work and the recognition of its historical and social context. Then, it is necessary to determine the theme, structure and shape text. It is also important to characterize the characters.
At the time of the findings, the most important is to highlight the features of the work from different points of view. It is possible to include a critical analysis or opinions based on detailed specifications.
Analyze a literary work is an activity that requires some essential steps which, in addition to the differences in the case, repeating endlessly at parse time.
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