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The thing produced by humans is known as work. In this context, it may be an intellectual product (such as a song or a poem) or a physical object (a House, handicrafts).
Literary, from the latin litterarĭus, is an adjective concerning what belongs or which is related to literature (all knowledge which allow to write and read, or in the art of poetry, rhetoric and grammar).
A literary work therefore a creation that expresses an intention to communicate on the part of the author for aesthetic purposes. These works often tell a story, either in the first or third-person, with an argument and by the use of various literary resources that relate to his time.
Relating to the form or the object / theme, the literary work can belong to different genres, such as the narrative (a work of prose, the novel as the tale), lyric (composition in verse that expresses the sentiments of the author), drama (designed to be shown/presented to the public artwork), the epic (verses that tell the exploits of the heroes or gods) or didactics (which seeks to educate the reader or the listener).
Literary works can also be written (books or other printed media that reproduce the story without changing) or oral (transmitted from generation to generation and may change over time, as legends or Tales). Works can also be touch when they are adapted to the needs of the blind, i.e. Braille.
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