What is the Meaning of Literature summary | Definition and What is Literature summary

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A briefing note is a story or short and concise reporting. It is a kind of comment, opinion or review short and detailed on the contents of a book, a film, a disk, a scientific work or an event. The author shall highlight the main characteristics of the object in question so the reader can learn before even have access.
In other words, the Executive summary to get an idea what this is even without read, see or hear the object concerned. The Executive summary is a descriptive and informative text that often includes the opinion of the author.
The literature, however, is a concept related to the art of grammar, rhetoric and poetry, which uses the language as a means of expression. The literary adjective said of what belongs or what is related to literature.
A literary briefing note, therefore, is a concise story directed by a critic in a work of literature. The text contains references to specific incidents, situations and characters of the book in question.
The purpose of this kind of summary is to inform the reader whether the work in question is worth. Obviously, this depends on the subjectivity of the author of the note, which must explain the reason for his opinion or his criticism.
Do not confuse the literary with the literary report synthesis (or reading) notes. The briefing note includes notice of the author while the report aims to show objectivity and to display a set of data, such as the title, the name of the writer, the kind or editing, for example.
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