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Salon (also called living room) is the augmentative of room. The term is used to refer to the largest room in a house or an apartment that is intended to receive visitors or to organize celebrations and meetings. It is, indeed, a comfortably furnished room where you can read, discuss, or read. Salon also said to this reception room furniture.
Examples: «Please wait in the living room, my husband will be there in a few minutes, "We have decorated the salon for this special occasion," "we have leaks in the Lounge: where are we going to make Christmas dinner? ''
The space dedicated to the Organization of events and festivities is also known under the same designation. It may be a part that guests can book for a meal, a wedding, etc.: "Marie is looking for a room to organize his wedding party", 'Ricky will celebrate his birthday in the lounge of the village festivals', 'quite a lot of children have already arrived at the salon, but it still lacks the clown we invited".
The installation where a commercial products are exposed is also called salon. It is also an exhibition, which is held once a year, living artists: "thousands of people have attended the recent car show which took place in Geneva", "I must go to Paris to attend the trade fair of footwear and fashion.
Finally, some stores name consists of the name "salon", such as "hair salon" or even "tea room".
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