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Operate is a verb referring to action to take profits or wealth from a case, or a business, and to use the qualities of a person or circumstance of abusively. Action and the effect operating take the appointment of exploitation.
Forest, on the other hand, refers to what is bound or which belongs to forests, the use of firewood and other related resources. Forestry means the cultivation of forests and this culture-related sciences.
Logging is therefore the extraction of resources from a box (or a portal) wooded. This activity is carried out for the purpose of obtaining (and, therefore, enjoy) wood, fruit, or Cork.
Particular quote that logging has serious implications for forests. If this operation is neither controlled nor responsible, the very survival of the forest is threatened.
Often, logging involves felling trees and burn large areas. Literally, this corresponds to the destruction of the forest, resulting in the phenomenon known as deforestation.
If forests are devastated without a plan of reforestation, the ecosystem is seriously damaged and biodiversity is lost. In addition to plant species that are affected directly, many animals remain without their habitat and even Aboriginal communities are displaced. Logging also has negative consequences on the absorption of carbon dioxide and leads to soil erosion.
Control by the authorities and legislation is essential because it is important that the work of logging is not sustainable and that they cease.
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