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The long adjective can be used in the physical sense (to quote something that has a lot of length or the length of which exceeds the width) or symbolic (to indicate that something is long, extended or continuous).
Term is a period of time or a time limit for something. The concept is also used to refer to the expiry of this term.
The concept of long term, therefore, relates to the idea of a period of time relatively long. It can be something that is growing, materialize or ends long after its creation or its emergence.
Examples: "it is a long-term investment which will bear fruit in the next decade", "If you teach your child to make savings, you encourage the development of his ability to think in the long term", "these problems cannot be solved in the long term: there is no magic and immediate solutions.
Take the case of a football team hiring a 15-year-old player. This recruitment is thought about long term because it is expected that this teenager continues to grow and grow before joining the professional staff. This player is likely to start in the first division at the age of 20 or 21 years — more than five years after being hired.
A company that decides to start the manufacture of a new product, in turn, is investing millions of dollars in equipment. Whereas the amount invested and the time it will take to recoup the investment, we can consider it as a long term profitable project.
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