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Lucidity is the quality of lucid. This adjective, meanwhile, refers to any person who is clear in its way of expressing themselves, reasoning or his style. Examples: "this writer is one of the most lucid thinkers of the American continent',"Mayor has demonstrated of lucidity by asking his supporters to not responding to offenses","grandfather has lost a bit of lucidity, but it is still in great shape."
Lucidity is generally associated with the intellectual ability, analytical or reflection of a person. The persons considered lucid generate admiration for their thoughts on a given situation or their ability to see problems in one different way from the others.
We can also hear clarity as the mental speed. At a time of stress and uncertainty, the lucid person is one who has the best reflexes and which is able to respond. If there is a short circuit in a House, an example of clarity is power supply.
Clarity, on the other hand, is coherence or awareness. A medical report may indicate that an individual is hospitalized in an intensive care unit but it is lucid, which means that this person is in time and space. However, if the person is unconscious, it is said that she has no signs of lucidity.
"Lucidity", finally, is a novel by the Portuguese author José Saramago, published in 2004. The book focuses on the possible consequences of a peaceful revolution that occurs as part of a democratic regime.
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