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The majority, synonymous with 'most', is the quality of what is major. In a set of people or objects, most is the group having a higher number of members. Examples: "most Americans enjoy football", "most voters have expressed their support for this Government," "by decision of the majority of the neighbors, the new theatre is called Théâtre du Soleil.
Surveys or questionnaires are a good way to understand the concept of majority. If a consultant is conducting an investigation to find out what the favorite season inhabitants of a city and on 10,000 respondents, 8000 responded that they prefer Spring, we can say that most people are opting for the spring.
See another example. Imagine a football team with eleven players at the base. Of these, eight have used to launch the ball with the foot right and three with the left. It can be said that most of the players on this team are right-handed.
The concept of the majority is also used to refer to the largest number of votes in favour on a ballot. During a parliamentary session where the construction of a bridge over a river is discussed, seventy members vote in favour of the project, 14 are against and five abstaining. The initiative is therefore approved by the majority, because only a minority opposes.
Finally, have the majority (be), finally, is linked to the Act which determines that an individual has a full right to himself and his property.
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