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Management is the adjective referring to what belongs or relates to the employer, the boss or employers (all patterns).
Management says so all employers (the bosses) or a single employer. Often the term is used as a synonym for entrepreneur, but it includes also the workers and managers or directors who are not employers.
Examples: «since Marc is part of the syndicat patronal, there's less and less time to devote to his family», «the employer entity cannot ignore the problems of workers», "the best political party is one who manages to represent the interests of employers and those of employees simultaneously.
It can be said that the employer entity includes people who create jobs and who manage the working relationships with individuals with whom they have a relationship of dependency (through a contract of employment).
The rules of the labour market, therefore, are governed by two major groups (unions and employers) and the State. As a general rule, employers and unions negotiate various aspects of the work while the State is acting as a mediator.
Finally, and in a completely different context, management means what is relative to the patron saint (saint considered the patron of the person who bears the same name).
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