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Querying is asked, namely, questions or requests for information. A mark is therefore an uncertainty, a mystery, a subject/theme that leaves doubts or just a question.
Examples: "zoo veterinarian said that the violent reaction that the bear had remained a question", "the coach should clarify the question about the formation of the team to avoid a new controversy", "the existence of God is a question unanswered for science."
Questions can have an immediate response, at some point or on the contrary, do not even have response. If someone asks the time a person on the street and it wears a watch, it can answer him on the moment and the mark ceases to be as such. On the other hand, if a woman walks down the street with a friend and she asks him the telephone number of a third party, and his friend replied that it has in a book that is at home, polling is not resolved immediately it could be answered as soon as friend arrives at home, will seek his notebook and will call the woman to respond to his question.
Other questions have no answer, at least from the knowledge that humanity has at the present time. No one can answer with certainty whether extraterrestrial life exists and how our planet was formed.
Finally, a question mark ("?") is the spelling sign that is used in questions: "How is your name? ''
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