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Massage, which is a word of French origin, is the activity which involves massage, rub, squeeze or palpate with a certain rhythm and a given intensity different parts of the body for sports or therapeutic, cosmetic purposes.
Examples: "you don't want to get a massage? '' I really very bad back! ', "I want to go to a spa to make it me massages", "I always had pain in the feet, but massages help me to feel better.
The massage can be considered a technique, an art or even a science because it involves questions regarding, among others, biology, medicine and psychology. It is considered that massages can help muscle relaxation, relieve pain and promote sleep.
Massages can fill multiple functions. There are therapeutic massage (which improve circulation, help to recover mobility and reduce ailments), massages physiological (they help relieve fatigue), sports massages (they prepare the athlete for competitions), relaxing massages (they provide a feeling of comfort and regulate the voltage), prevention massages (they relax zone stretched can cause injuries) etc.
It is worth mentioning that therapeutic massage should be carried out by experts, as otherwise they may harm those who receive them. Pregnant women who come to surgery and those who suffer from inflammatory vascular diseases or infections should not receive massage.
One known as erotic massage or massage sensual people who are made with the aim to promote the excitement and enhance sexual pleasure. Not only these massages can be performed on the genitals, but they can also stimulate libido if they are made on other parts of the body.
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