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Messenger is the name which is known by the Windows Live Messenger software. This software, created by Microsoft, allows instant communication between two or more users.
Examples: "login on Messenger so I can tell you how the interview went", yesterday, I spoke with Lucy on Messenger', 'If you are not studying, I will ban you to use Messenger.
Windows Live Messenger was born under the name of MSN Messenger. Since 2005, this instant messaging client is added to the set of online services called Windows Live. At present, it is estimated that more than 330 million users use Messenger every month.
Messenger can be used on a computer (PC) or some mobile/portable devices. Although it was created as an instant messaging client (for exchanging messages written in real time), this programme has spread and has become a very complete software which facilitates all types of communications and file sharing.
With Messenger, now it is possible to discuss, talk or do videoconferencing between two computers. It is also possible, in some countries, to make calls from a computer to a phone.
Messenger also has an option that allows to send messages to users even when they are disconnected. Them, in turn, they receive the message once they log on the program.
Messenger, on the other hand, has games that allow to launch the challenge to his contacts (friends). By entering the specified option, the user can invite another to play with him, and they play together online.
The Exchange (or sharing) of files in the folders is another tool provided by Messenger.
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