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The concept of Messiah comes from a Hebrew word and is very common in religion. Written with a capital letter at the beginning (Messiah), he is the son of God, descendant of David, which came to the world was promised by the prophets to the Jewish people.
Messiah, therefore, is the anointed one, a man of the spirit of God. The concept is also used to name who is considered to be a Messenger of God to bring peace in the world to restore the Kingdom of God on Earth.
The existence of a Messiah appears in different religions. For Jews, the coming of the Messiah is intended as a revelation from God through the Torah. Christians are convinced that the Messiah will come as a King, a conservator and a servant of God, and believe that Jesus Christ is the Messiah.
Beyond the specific field of religion, considering Messiah every person (real or imaginary) on which people deposit excessive confidence to achieve a goal or solve a problem. One who manages actually to something very important and unexpected is also considered a Messiah.
Examples: "Diego Maradona was the Messiah of the Argentina during the Mexico ' 86", "We must understand that the new Minister of the economy will not be a Messiah who will lead us out of the crisis as if by magic", "In this team there no Messiah but rather twenty companions who are working with the same goal", "Michael Jordan dressed of Messiah to give a new title to Chicago Bulls.
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