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Latin late mixticĭus ('mixed', 'mixed'), Métis is one who is born of father and mother race different. The term is often used to name a person born of a white man and a native woman, or a native man and a white woman.
The concept began to develop around the 16th century in Latin America in the context of social stratification and racial caste-based system. The Métis had a lower status than whites, which prevented them from accessing certain items or services.
Since the independence of America, the new laws began to abolish the privileges of birth or blood and have established the equality of all human beings humans before the law.
Therefore, the concept of Métis is used to mention descendant people native Americans, African-Americans and Spaniards, reason why most of the Latin American population is Métis.
Cultural and artistic events may be considered Métis if they occur a mixture of different cultures. A musical band that blends rock, country music and bolero is an example of a group of Métis style, as a writer who combines Celtic legends in Guarani characters can be considered as a Métis literary.
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