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The Government exercised without opposition, legislation or law takes the designation of dictatorship. The term, which comes from the latin dictatūra, is also used to designate the period during which lasts this type of mandate as well as any country governed under this form of Government.
Military, in turn, is an adjective that refers to that owned or related to the war or the military. The term is used to refer to members, the institutions and facilities of the armed forces.
A military dictatorship is a Government exercised by the armed forces without complying with the law or legal system. The leader of this regime is a dictator. Examples: "African country's bloody military dictatorship has made thousands of dead", 'the leaders of the military dictatorship in Argentina are very often considered', 'the population must defend democracy in the street to prevent that a new military dictatorship took possession again'.
A military dictatorship can access to power through a coup d ' état (violent action that reverses the Governor in its decisions) or even by democratic means (if a citizen won the elections and heads its Government by dictatorial way with the military command).
The military force, with its weapons, is the major pillar of any dictatorship of this kind. It is by suppressing opponents, torturing them and inflicting terror to prevent dissent that the military dictatorship comes to control the streets and make its rules beyond any legal or constitutional limit.
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