What is the Meaning of Minority | Definition and What is Minority

Minority is a minor part of people who form a body, a nation or a community. Those who constitute the minority, therefore, numerically less than the Group of individuals who constitute the majority (majority group) are.
Examples: "I think that we who don't buy polluting cars are a minority", "we will not stop working just because this we do bother a minority ', 'people who have repudiated the visit of the writer are a minority.
Typically, the topics forming a minority group within a community are easily identifiable because they are distinguished by a characteristic, the majority of the members of this society. If in a town of 1,000 inhabitants there are 600 black-haired, dark-haired 280, 100 to red hair and 20 with blonde hair, individuals with hair red are a minority and are noticeable compared to the other by their differences.
A level political or electoral, the minority is the total number of votes that are contrary to the opinion of the majority. It is also the fraction of a deliberative body that is less than the majority share. In an Assembly composed of eighty members of the parti bleu, sixty members of the yellow party and 12 members of the white party, the members of this last block are the minority.
It is important that the State ensure, in every sense, respect for the rights of minorities. If there are no legal mechanisms in this regard, it is possible that the majority imposes its force digital and door infringement of the rights of the minority.

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