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From latin modificatĭo, the change is the change in action and amend. This verb, whose etymology goes back to latin modificāre, wants to say change or transform mentions something, give a new mode of existence to a material substance or limit something a certain State to fill distinguish it from the rest.
Examples: "the Italian manufacturer has indicated that the new model will include an important aerodynamic modification", "the authorities announced an amendment to the regulations on the sale of alcoholic beverages", "the entrance of Lopez Peralta will be the only change in the team from the last game".
Body modification means any change in the body for a reason that has nothing to do with medicine. These alterations, which may be permanent or not, are motivated by the individual himself or by the social group for aesthetic, spiritual or cultural issues.
Some body modifications are pretty prevalent social (as does pierce the ear lobe to wear a ring or a pendant (piercing), circumcision in the Jewish community or tattoos), while others are still considered marginal (scarification or the forked tongue).
In computing, a modification is a change made to a software to change its original shape and improve it. The computer changes are common in video games to add scenes, characters, weapons, or game modes.
'The change' finally is a novel written by the French Michel Butor, which was published in 1957. The story takes place in a train journey between Paris and Rome.
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