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The physical quantity that indicates the amount of matter in a body is means mass. This term, which comes from the latin massa, unit in the international system the kilogram (kg).
The concept of molar mass refers to the mass of one mole of a certain substance in grams. Recall that a mole is the amount of substance that contains as many elementary entities (atoms, molecules, ions, etc.) of a type of these atoms in 12 grams of carbon 12.
The amount of base units that indicates a mole of substance is constant because it does not depend on material or the particle. This quantity is known as the number (or constant) Avogadro. This constant allows chemists to determine the weight of the atoms. The equation shows that a mole is 6.022 x 10 ^ 23 particles.
The molar mass finally expresses the mass of one mole in grams. If the molecular weight of a substance in one is p, the molar mass of this substance is also p, but in grams.
Calculate the molar mass, to refer to the periodic table of the elements. Taking the case of water (H2O), observed that a molecule is composed of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. The atomic mass of hydrogen, by removing the decimal, is a u (uma) and oxygen 16 u (uma). By adding the data from the two hydrogen atoms and the oxygen atom, it gets a molecular mass of 18 grams. The molar mass of water is therefore also to 18 grams.
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