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Multimedia is a term that comes from the English language and which refers to what appealed to several media at the same time in the transmission of information. A multimedia presentation, therefore, may include photos, videos, sounds and texts.
The concept applies to objects and systems that rely on many physical means and / or digital to communicate their contents. The term is also used in reference to the specific ways to store and broadcast content with such features.
Multimedia communication facilitates understanding and learning because it is very similar to direct human communication (face to face). In conversation, there is the interlocutor (which would be the equivalent of a video) listening (audio) while accompanying his words with gestures and movements of the body (animations).
A presentation or a streaming media can be performed live or be registered. Dissemination of content, on the other hand, can be done via the Internet, projected or displayed on a screen or on stage.
A course of English remotely is an example of multimedia information. Either online, or through a CD-ROM or a DVD - ROM, the student can watch videos to become familiar with the language, listen to audio recordings to learn to pronounce words, participate in interactive games with animations and read texts with explanations of grammar and spelling.
Web pages can also present developments of multimedia, with Flash animations, embedded videos from YouTube, the background music and reading material. In these cases, one can speak of multimedia interactive, given that it is the user who decides how will be presented the information and at what time it will start everything simply by clicking.
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